Dear Sirs

Nowadays, we all face the challenges of a fast-moving financial industry, hard-hit by consecutive global financial crises and governed by increasingly complex financial products and strict regulatory standards. In this turbulent environment, our families are dealing with the management of both their core businesses and their private wealth, as they aim to perpetuate their success across multiple generations.

It seems that every day, the obstacles mount. Be it in the real-time monitoring of global assets, in the management of their inherent risk, or in the development of sound diversification and succession strategies for our estate; activities are getting more time-consuming and complex to handle by the day.

Seventy years ago, the first generation of the Saradar family founded a Bank in Beirut. The second generation represented by my father, Joe Saradar, expanded the business and ensured its growth through periods of unprecedented uncertainty. He succeeded in forging a solid renowned institution, not only making a name for the family, but also displaying a strong sense of social responsibility.

The third generation, whom I have the honor to lead, is proud of this legacy. Keen to perpetuate our heritage, it is with humility and relentlessness that we have enhanced our financial know-how, diversified our businesses, and established worldwide relationships. We have also seen to the materialization of Joe Saradar’s social commitment through the establishment of the Saradar Foundation.

After almost thirty years in the financial industry, I am deeply convinced that the prevailing platforms cannot provide the entire, unbiased spectrum of services that are required by successful multi-generational families. Thus, building on our ethical, cultural and material inheritance, Saradar Family Office has been created with the objective to share a common platform with peer families that believe in our values, and thrive, like us, for excellence and continuous success.

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